Our tropical fish farm, located in Ruskin, Florida, is on its third generation of ownership. Steve acquired the farm from his father who dug the original 15 acres in 1965. Now Steve, along with wife, Chere, son, Ty, and daughter, Chrissy, operate the original farm and three additional farms in the area.

The ponds are approximately 100 feet long, 30 feet wide, and about 6 feet deep. Ponds are natural earth, no linings. They are pumped out each year, sometimes several times. They are then sanitized with lime (below) and sweetened with cottonseed meal to feed the natural bacteria and earth.

limed pool


We raise two types of fish: egglayers and livebearers. The livebearer breeders are put into the ponds where they multiply and rear their young at will. They are then trapped, culled, counted, packed and shipped.

Fish are brought into the holdinTyg area in buckets, then transferred to tanks, and later to shipping bags where they find new homes in aquariums around the country.


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